Wed, 06/27/2018

RealMedia HD Ecosystem Expands with Commercial Deployment on Top Chinese Mobile TV Network

BEIJING, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK), a leader in digital media software and services, today announced the commercial deployment of RealMedia™ HD on the China International Broadcasting Network (CIBN) Mobile TV App, available now for download from Android app stores in China including: 360, Baidu, Anzhi, Tencent App, VIVO, Meizu, Android Smart, Sogu, Lenove, Wandoujia, OPPO XiaoMi App, and Huawei Hi App. The commercial deployment follows an extensive trial that began on February 28, 2018. The trial conducted jointly by RealNetworks and CIBN delivered high quality content to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who enjoyed an unprecedented streaming experience thanks to RealMedia HD, a next-generation video codec which delivers high-definition video quality at a fraction of the bandwidth required by other codecs.

The commercial deployment of RealMedia HD also represents a new phase of cooperation between RealNetworks and CIBN who jointly aim to bring the highest quality video content to mobile and over-the-top (OTT) audiences across China.

"CIBN Mobile TV is our primary mobile platform. We want to deliver the best experience possible for our customers. Quality and efficiency is critical to achieve the best results at scale. RealMedia HD has become a critical part of our solution. We look forward to seeing how CIBN Mobile TV and RealMedia HD technology together can create new and innovative entertainment experiences," said Xie Shengluo, the general manager of the Stars China.

"Improving user experience while decreasing operating costs is a winning formula," said Jiang Hense, the product director of RealNetworks Greater China. "We are pleased to see RealMedia HD enhancing the streaming experience for hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers, while at the same time improving the operational bottom line for Stars China. We look forward to extending our technology to more platforms in the near future."

The commercial release of RealMedia HD for CIBN Mobile TV expands the ecosystem of devices and platforms using the next-generation codec for high quality streaming experiences. This ecosystem includes small and large screen channels in CIBN HD Video, CIBN Internet TV, and Vmovier App for Android. In addition to mobile, set top and OTT, RealMeda HD has partnered with Amlogic, a global fabless System-on-a-Chip (SoC) leader who will bring chip level support for RealMedia HD, making it easier and faster to deploy across a range of solutions.

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China Radio International (CRI) is a state-run international radio news service based in Beijing and broadcasting in 65 languages. ChinaTV combines and shares video resources from CRI, domestic and international media partners, and third-party news suppliers, including more than 300 domestic TV shows and 140 live stream channels. It will present on-the-spot international news reports, and live streaming of big media events.  

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