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2011 Press Releases

RealNetworks Upgrades Helix Universal Media Server

Stream unlimited live and on-demand video and language feeds during on-the-fly broadcasting

Amsterdam, 9 September 2011 — RealNetworks, Inc. (Nasdaq:  RNWK) today announced the launch of the first Helix Multi-Track solution, a product extension available for the Helix Universal Media Server. RealNetworks is launching Helix Multi-Track and launch partner, Streamovations, a Belgium-based company that focuses on delivering multi-lingual video solutions, will utilize Helix Multi-Track to enable organizations to broadcast multi-lingual live and on-demand content to their consumers, constituents and employees.

With the new Helix Multi-Track capabilities organizations are now able to use the Helix Universal Media Server to stream live and on-demand video with multiple language feeds. With numerous languages spoken in Europe, and approximately 2,000 dialects in Asia and 1,000 in India, Helix Multi-Track is ideal for broadcasters, government institutions or global enterprises with a diverse multi-lingual audience.

Helix Multi-Track is versatile, allowing organizations to shoot multiple camera angles while retaining the main audio track. Applications include sporting footage, such as Formula One racing, soccer, or track and field events, where different camera angles are frequently leveraged, allowing the broadcaster to select the coverage they wish to show on the fly, while still streaming the main audio track, such as commentator coverage.  Broadcasters are now able to provide new viewing experiences, making multiple camera viewing angles available to their viewers allowing for a personalized viewing experience, all complete with the main commentary audio coverage. For example, a viewer watching the Indy 500 might opt to watch footage of Dario Franchitti's car (Camera 1) while still listening to the main commentary, and then flip to wide angle footage of the entire race track (Camera 7). Closed captioning is also available with Helix Multi-Track.

"In today's multi-screen, mobile world, RealNetworks is focused on helping organizations easily and securely deliver audio and video content how and when viewers want to see it," said Martin Schwarz, RealNetworks Area Vice President of Helix and Digital Media Products. "And with content streaming globally, it's more important than ever that broadcasters are able to easily stream in multiple languages. Our goal in everything we do is to make streaming digital media simpler."

John Vanhoucke, CEO at Streamovations also commented, "Streamovations is pleased about the plans to launch the co-developed Helix Multi-Track solution from RealNetworks. Our combined end-to-end solution is state-of-the-art, and could be useful for our clients who are interested in multi-lingual streaming, such as the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of the European Union."

The Helix Universal Media Server is a key component of the Helix Delivery Platform, the flagship streaming media solution that pioneered the category in 1995. Today, Helix products are leveraged around the globe by corporations, universities, mobile carriers and government institutions, among others.

More information about the Helix Universal Media Server family of products can be found at

About The Helix Media Delivery Platform

The Helix Media Delivery Platform is an end-to-end streaming media solution for government, education and enterprises that is multi-format, multi-platform, and multi-screen. With Helix Producer, Helix Universal Media Server, Helix Media Library, and RealPlayer Enterprise – the core components of the platform – organizations can create, deliver, manage and play content. Created by RealNetworks, the company that pioneered streaming media in 1995, Helix products provide a high-quality, scalable digital media experience. And with Helix's global customer support team, assistance is just a phone call or email away. Learn more at

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RealNetworks creates innovative applications and services that make it easy to connect with and enjoy digital media. RealNetworks invented the streaming media category in 1995 and continues to connect consumers with their digital media both directly and through partners, aiming to support every network, device, media type and social network. RealNetworks corporate information is located at

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