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2011 Press Releases

AOL UK and RealNetworks Announce Exclusive Content and Advertising Partnership on RealPlayer in the UK

14 September 2011, London:  AOL (UK) Limited, a premier global media company and RealNetworks Ltd, the digital entertainment services company, today announced an agreement in which AOL UK will provide its content to users of RealNetworks flagship Media Player RealPlayer in the UK Market.

The agreement has come as a result of RealNetworks taking the decision to partner with the world's leading content owners to enhance the RealPlayer experience with a broader array of high quality content. Users will have access to the latest news, entertainment and lifestyle content from AOL UK's network of websites.

The new offering with AOL UK will allow RealNetworks to invest further in its suite of digital products, as well as continuing to innovate and create applications and services that enable audiences to connect with and enjoy media in a simplified way.

Consumers can now access AOL's content via the browser integrated within the RealPlayer. AOL UK will manage advertising sales and delivery around the AOL content, giving advertisers on the cross platform media player access to the wide range of inventory and ad solutions offered by AOL Advertising.  This includes the award-winning Project Devil format offering advertisers 100% share of voice and branded video campaigns through goviral.

"RealNetworks has a long legacy of giving its users entertaining experiences through cutting edge products and technology", said Amir Nazemi, Commercial Director, AOL Europe. "The partnership further reinforces AOL's ongoing commitment to deliver engaging digital content, innovative advertising formats, and to connect advertisers with engaged audiences at scale.

"We are entering an exciting new era at RealNetworks and this partnership with AOL UK really demonstrates how the company is moving in a dynamic new direction," said Ken Murphy, General Manager, RealNetworks Europe. "Not only are we working with one of the best providers of high quality content in the world to deliver a vast library of media to RealPlayer users in the UK, but with AOL UK focusing on delivering its content and advertising formats, we are able to focus on the innovation and development of best of breed applications for media consumption and utilization."

The partnership will launch in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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