Mon, 06/15/2009

2009 Press Releases

RealNetworks Powers Vodafone Germany Ringback Tones

Düsseldorf — June 16, 2009 — Vodafone launched its completely upgraded CRBT portal today. In addition to a more user-friendly interface with a compelling new design, the portal — based on technology by RealNetworks®, Inc. — also features a new shuffle mode. This function automatically shuffles the selected caller ringback tones in a random order, letting callers enjoy varying music tracks.

More precise, user-friendly, and customizable than ever before — that's Vodafone's brand-new Caller Ringback Tone (CRBT) portal in a nutshell. In addition to the intuitive user interface, customers will especially enjoy the portal's unparalleled shuffle mode. This feature automatically shuffles songs or melodies previously selected by the receiving party, eliminating dull moments of any kind for the caller, until you answer. The shuffle mode's track list can be completely modified at any time while the general features of the portal remain unchanged. According to the caller's specific phone number, the receiving parties can select the type of caller ringback tone their contacts hear and assign music either individually or on a group basis. Furthermore, receiving parties may also link their selected caller ringback tones to specific days or timeframes: Lady Gaga on Mondays and Florence & the Machine on Fridays; or entertain their contacts from 8:00 AM until noon with Sportfreunde Stiller, followed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the rest of the day.

The service also features a silent mode. Customers opting to go back to their regular "ring ring" caller signal may do so with ease, so caller ringback tones can be activated and deactivated on demand, whenever necessary. Managing CRBTs is easier than ever before, allowing customers to use their mobile phones and personal computers (

"It is absolutely crucial to offer intuitive, entertaining platforms to our customers, especially in the age of web 2.0, during which mobile internet services are rapidly gaining momentum. For that reason, we decided to totally revamp our CRBT portal," comments Volker Glaeser, director of Internet services at Vodafone Deutschland.

Customers may subscribe to caller ringback tones over the Vodafone website (, Vodafone live, via text messaging or by calling the toll-free number 22580. The service will be invoiced on the customer's regular mobile phone bill.

Caller ringback tone services are available for a basic service fee of EUR 0.99 per month. Caller ringback tones are priced at EUR 1.99. For that price, customers can use their selected music tracks for a period of 12 months. Special, lower-priced CRBT package deals are also available: 3 selected CRBTs are available for EUR 2.99, whereas the package of 9 CRBTs is priced at EUR 5.99 per month. All included services may only be used during the respective billing period, while unused services may not be transferred to the following month.

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