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2009 Press Releases

Introducing RealPlayer SP: The Best Way to Take Video With You on Your Mobile Phone and Portable Device

SEATTLE — June 24, 2009 — Digital entertainment services company RealNetworks® (Nasdaq: RNWK) unveiled RealPlayer® SP, the first application that enables people to easily take Internet video with them on their favorite device and share it, socially, with others. Available in Beta version beginning today at www.realplayer.com, RealPlayer SP is the first and only software product that eliminates the complexity of downloading, converting and transferring video files, so consumers can simply enjoy their video anywhere, on any device.

"RealPlayer SP makes it easy for anyone to get online video onto their mobile phones and other favorite portable devices," said Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks. "Since 1995, the RealPlayer has been at the center of people's online audio and video experience. RealPlayer SP now un-tethers that video experience so people can enjoy video on the go."

"Consumers have embraced mobile devices as being more than capable of providing a rich, media-intensive experience. Understanding video formats and management, however, is still far too difficult for most consumers," said Michael Gartenberg, vice president of Strategy and Analysis at Interpret llc, a market research firm based in LA and NY. "RealPlayer SP helps solve that problem with abundant support for multiple formats and devices, allowing consumers to move content where they choose with only two clicks — making this one of the most effective consumer tools for allowing content to flow with them from screen-to-screen."

For anyone that wants to enjoy their favorite videos while mobile — whether it is taking a library of user generated content (UGC) video clips to a party or showing-off recently captured family video — RealPlayer SP takes the guesswork out of the process. Once a video is downloaded, simply select the make of your mobile phone, portable media player, or games system from the menu — and RealPlayer SP automatically does the rest. The same videos can be shared with friends through Twitter, Facebook, or email with one extra click. RealPlayer SP also provides customers with new customization options, including the ability to add device profiles, modify the format and size of a video, and create audio-only files, helping to ensure the best mobile video experience for their specific device. RealPlayer SP works with the device's existing media player so no additional download is required to the device.

RealPlayer continues to be one of the most popular digital media applications, with more than 350 million installations worldwide in the last twelve months. In addition to playing all major media formats, either from within the RealPlayer application or as embedded within popular Web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, RealPlayer was the first major media player to enable one-click downloading of Web video.

People around the world enjoy digital entertainment like music and video from a wide variety of sources using RealPlayer.

Fast Facts about RealPlayer SP:

  • Play Internet video on nearly any device, including the Blackberry smartphones, a range of Nokia S60 devices, Palm Pre, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, Xbox, and many others through automatic conversion and transfer to the correct device format, including h.264, Mpeg4, Windows Media, QuickTime, and RealVideo.

  • Save time by downloading or transferring multiple videos at the same time.

  • Add custom device profiles and easily change format settings to maximize video quality and control for a device.

  • Create audio-only files from videos for playback on devices that only support audio.

  • Easily share videos on Twitter and Facebook.Support for latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

RealPlayer SP Beta is available as a free download from www.realplayer.com.

Support for h.264 video conversion, DVD playback, and DVD burning is available to those customers who upgrade to RealPlayer Plus SP at a one-time cost of $39.99.

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