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2007 Press Releases

RealNetworks and iriver to Launch Two New Rhapsody-Enhanced iriver MP3 Player Lines

Groundbreaking New WiFi-Enabled MP3 Player Will Be the First to Offer an Over-the-Air Integrated Rhapsody Experience; Updated Clix Line of Players to Incorporate Unique Rhapsody DNA Features

SEATTLE and SEOUL, KOREA — January 8, 2007  —  RealNetworks®, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK), the global leader in digital media delivery, and Reigncom, maker of the popular iriver portable multimedia devices, today announced a collaboration to bring two new Rhapsody® DNA-enhanced portable players to market. These flash-based devices include a groundbreaking Wi-Fi enabled MP3 player that will allow consumers to download their favorite music over the air directly to the device via the award-winning Rhapsody digital music service, and the iriver clix 2, a new and enhanced version of iriver's acclaimed clix line of players. Both devices are expected to ship in the United States in the first half of 2007.

"We are excited to be deeply integrating both our new wireless player as well as the clix 2 with the award-winning Rhapsody music service," said Mr. Sean Kim, CEO of Reigncom. "With Rhapsody DNA technologies, we are able to incorporate an outstanding set of music discovery features in these cutting-edge players, including an enhanced unlimited access over-the-air experience."

The new Wi-Fi-enabled iriver portable multimedia players will give users the ability to browse the entire Rhapsody catalog, access Rhapsody's critically-acclaimed editorial and stream songs directly to the device over any wireless network without having to connect to a PC. The Telechips-based player will be available in 2GB and 4GB capacities, has a vibrant 3-inch touch-sensitive QVGA display with a flash-based UI, and also supports VoIP. The Rhapsody-enhanced iriver clix 2 will launch with an improved screen and slimmer design, and will also be available in 2GB and 4GB capacities. The players also feature built-in FM radio tuners, in-line and voice recording, and support photo and video playback. In addition, the players offer over 25 hours of battery life.

"Rhapsody DNA technologies are extending the celestial jukebox beyond the PC and into every place consumers enjoy music," said Dan Sheeran, Senior Vice President of Music, RealNetworks.  "We are pleased to be expanding the family of Rhapsody-enhanced devices to include the new wireless iriver player as well as the well-regarded clix line of players."

Using embedded Rhapsody DNA technologies, the RealNetworks/iriver collaboration will bring a number of features promoting intuitive music discovery to iriver's portable players. These Rhapsody-enhanced players will automatically refresh with new personalized music selections from Rhapsody's catalog each time they are synced to the PC. The players will also allow users to rate and save songs to their Rhapsody library, flag songs for later purchase and access Rhapsody's critically-acclaimed editorial content, all while on the go.  Additionally, both players will ship preloaded with music from hundreds of the world's most popular artists on EMI Music, SONYBMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, as well as leading independent labels.

iriver is one of a number of device manufacturers to offer players powered by Rhapsody DNA and optimized to work seamlessly with Rhapsody. Rhapsody DNA is a technology platform and set of marketing programs that enable CE makers to extend the award-winning Rhapsody digital music experience beyond the PC to portable and in-home devices through features such as the ability to browse the Rhapsody Music Guide and My Library menus, instant song playback, and access to Rhapsody's critically-acclaimed editorial content.  Additional information about Rhapsody DNA and Rhapsody DNA licensing can be found at

RealNetworks pioneered the unlimited access music service model, and currently leads the market for those services with more than 1.65 million subscribers for Rhapsody and its other premium music services. Since launching in 2001, Rhapsody has received multiple industry awards and honors. In 2006, Rhapsody earned Billboard's Digital Entertainment Media and Marketing Excellence award for the Best Downloadable or Subscription Music Service, Entertainment Weekly named Rhapsody one of its "25 Best Music Websites," and PC World honored Rhapsody with a 2006 World Class Award in its annual list of "100 Best Products."

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